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External PCI Express Enclosure

Important Notice: 2011/06/25
NA220A has been upgraded to NA221A. Please link
for detail specifications.

The TurboBox-mini™ NA220A is a compact external PCI Express enclosure for ease-of-adding a PCI Express Card to a laptop/notebook or desktop computer. The portable form factor of NA220A is designed with a PCIe x16 connector and double width space that allow users to install their single or double width standard height PCI Express card into the light stylish yet durable aluminum case for well protection, and then users can simply attach the PCI Express card to a laptop through Netstor’s ExpressCard34 and cable or to a low profile PC through Netstor’s PCIe host card and cable package.

The TurboBox-mini™ NA220A provides a dedicated power supply and individual cooling system that are ideal for those PCI Express cards requiring heavy power consumption and better cooling environment such as capture cards, Audio cards or Graphic cards for Video/Audio professionals and Gaming users who work with their Laptop or Desktop PC.
  • Supports One PCI-Express Card with maximum double width space
  • High-strength Aluminum housing with light and compact features
  • Dedicated Power Supply and Cooling System
  • Laptop ExpressCard34 & Desktop PCI-Express Host Adapter supported
  • Easy Installation and No Driver Requirement
Host Interface          External PCI Express 2.0(Backward PCI Express 1.0 Compatible)
No. of Slot(s)One PCI-Express slot with double width space
MaterialAluminum Housing
Power Supply

Universal 80W Power Adapter
(AC Input: 100-240V, 50~60Hz / DC Output:+12 / 6.67A)


Two 40x40x10 mm Cooling Fans

LED DisplayPower On - Blue

Model: NA220A
Case Size: 10"(D) x7.8"(W)x2.28"(H) /
                254(D)x198(W)x58(H) mm
Card Length Available: 8.6-inch(L) / 218 mm(L)

O.S Support

No Driver Requirement for TurboBox-mini

System Requirement

One ExpressCard 34/54 for laptop
One PCI Express x4 slot for Desktop

Package Content

  NA220A-NB (Laptop Package)

Enclosure x 1
ExpressCard 34 / Laptop Adapter x 1
Connection Cable x 1
External Power Adapter x 1
Manual CD-ROM x1
Power Cord x 1
Carry Bag x 1
Netstor's ExpressCard34
External PCIe cable/iPass Cable

  NA220A-DT (Desktop Package)

Enclosure x 1
PCI Express Card / Desktop Adapter x 1
Connection Cable x 1
External Power Adapter x 1
Manual CD-ROM x1
Power Cord x 1
Carry Bag x 1
PCI Express Host Adapter
External PCIe Cable/ iPASS cable

Brand Name

Laptop Support
 HP Laptop/Notebook acer Laptop/Notebook Asus Laptop
Apple MacBook Pro Dell Laptop Toshiba Laptop

?Any model is equipped with
   ExpressCard34/54 Interface

Audio Card Support 
 RME-Audio Card    RME?HDSPe MADI       ?HDSPe AIO
?HDSPe AES         ?HDSPe RayDAT
Video Card Support 
 BlackMagic  BlackMagic ?DeckLink Studio   ?Intensity
 Grass Valley(Canopus) Grass Valley?HDSPARK           ?HDTHUNDER
?HDSTORM          ?FIRECODER Intra
 Matrox  Matrox?M9120 Plus LP     ?G550 LP PCIe
?P690 LP PCIe       ?G550 PCIe
OS Support 
 Windows OS Mac OS Linux?Windows OS     ?Mac OS   
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