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Technical FAQ

How to update Thunderbolt driver for host computer’s Windows 10?

The situation is only related to host computer's Windows 10 O.S. and the Thunderbolt driver. When the host computer’s Windows 10 operating system is updated to the newest version, the user will also need to check and get the latest, corresponding Thunderbolt driver to be installed on the Windows 10 in support of work.

Here is how to check the Thunderbolt driver version on your Windows 10:

  1. Right click on the Thunderbolt icon located at bottom right of Windows 10’s desktop.
    thunderbolt 3 driver for windows 10
  2. And then select 'About'.
    thunderbolt 3 driver for windows 10
  3. At this time, a window will pop up showing the current version of the Thunderbolt driver.
    thunderbolt 3 driver for windows 10

Below is the relationship between Win10 OS version and Thunderbolt driver version:

O.S. version Thunderbolt driver version to be used
Windows 10 version 1909 v1‎
Windows 10 version 2004 v1‎.41.890.0

To check the newest Thunderbolt driver, please visit manufacturer's website of your Windows PC/laptop; at its drivers' download section, you will find the new, corresponding Thunderbolt driver in support of the latest Windows 10 version.

Here is the site for Thunderbolt driver downloading for example: