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Technical FAQ

How to do extra power connection for ARC-1883ix-16 / ARC-1883ix-24 RAID card?

The Areca ARC-1883ix RAID card requires extra power for work. Within the box of ARC-1883ix card, it supplies with one piece of PCI-E 6-pin to two split Molex 4-pin power cables.

  1. Connect PCI-E 6-pin connector of the supplied power cable to ARC-1883ix RAID card’s top 6-pin connector.
  2. There is one free Molex 4-pin power cable from PSU within Netstor enclosure. Connect the free Molex 4-pin power cable to one of the two split Molex 4-pin connectors on the supplied power cable.
Areca arc1883 connect to netstor enclosure