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Netstor Launches Hercules HL23T Box for both Production and Entertainment

(Taipei, Taiwan--Jul 24, 2017) Netstor Technology has announced the Hercules™ HL23T box, a Thunderbolt 3 single-slot PCIe expansion chassis for the users to be able to connect any high-performance PCIe card to the Thunderbolt 3 host computer for their creative works and entertainment.

Designed for professionals, editors and gamers who want to run bandwidth-intensive applications on the Thunderbolt 3 computers, Hercules™ HL23T is created with a focus on both users’ work and leisure activities, providing the quietest high-performing card chassis with the most affordable price on the market and supporting each modern professional PCIe card in favor of application and production.

The Netstor box not only enables users to utilize specialty PCIe card in the enclosure to benefit and work with both Mac and host computers, but also allows professionals to implement video/graphics card to boost CUDA and OpenCL computational capabilities for their Thunderbolt 3 desktop and laptop.

In addition to the outstanding features of the quietest and most excellent ventilated chassis in the industry and the built-in 300W PSU that provides two 6+2 pin supplementary power connectors for any full-length professional card, the Hercules™ box comes with dual 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 ports enabling data transfer rates up to 2750 MB/s in support of every high-end specialty PCI Express card.

For more information on HL23T, please visit the product webpage at: Hercules™ HL23T

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