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2U 24-bay(2.5") SAS (Host) to SAS/SATA (Disk) JBOD with 12Gb/s SAS Expander


Preeminent Performance Ever
with the Pro Server and Workstation

Netstor 12Gb/s SAS Expander JBOD storage NS388S supports the greatest data expansion ever. As one external SFF-8644 port presents four 12G channels, via only one single easy-connection HD mini-SAS data cable for the host connectivity, up to 48 Gbps (4800 MB/s) ultra high-bandwidth is rendered between server/workstation and storage for the extreme lightning access.

First-Rate Airflow Ventilation Architecture

Created two rear 8×8 cm cooling fan modules that provide the best airflow ventilation ever and ensure all types of 2.5” hard drives in the storage enclosure are kept at the moderate temperature in favor of operation and work.

Extreme High Density
Most Space Utilization Efficiency Storage

The NS388S storage is the most space cost saving enclosure in the industry. Created moderate 2U in height with twenty-four 2.5” drive bays inside, the utmost ultra high-density NS388S storage enclosure significantly and effectively saves the cost for spaces on the 19-inch rack at cabinet rooms in support of all systems and institutions.

Built-in 12 Gb/s SAS Expander Supporting
Cascade up to 256 Hard Drives

The Netstor 2U 24-bay storage provides at its rear side extra HD mini-SAS connectors for cascaded storage expansion, allowing a maximum 256 hard drives scalability of multiple Netstor 12 Gbps SAS Expander series enclosures for the most cost-effective mass storage capacity ever in support of all applications.

Redundant Server-Grade High-Efficiency PSU

The server-grade, high-efficiency redundant 650 watts power supply unit has been thoughtfully designed in NS388S to ensure all the hard drives within the storage enclosure can run with ultimate reliability and stability in favor of 24/7 operation application for zero system downtime in support of continual production with power server and workstation.

Superior Zoning Capability

The 2U 24-bay SAS Expander storage has an extra function known as Zone; through this dedicated feature and application, two hosts with each computer installed with a RAID controller card can connect to two groups of hard drives from the same cascaded Netstor 12Gb/s SAS Expander enclosure series in support of operation.

Extensive Range RAID Card Support

The NS388S storage can work with any of the industry standard 12 Gbps PCIe 3.0 SAS RAID controller cards with SAS expansion function, including Areca ARC 1883 series, Broadcom MegaRAID SAS 9300 series, HighPoint RocketRAID 3700 series, and Microsemi Adaptec RAID 8 series.

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