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How to Make Thunderbolt 3 Storages in Double Performance?

When two Netstor Thunderbolt 3 storage units (model: NA611TB3, NA622TB3, and NA762TB3…etc.) are connected to the same Thunderbolt 3 Mac computer/laptop, you can just use the following connection to get the Doubled Capacity and the Doubled Performance for up to 4200 MB/s between storages and the Thunderbolt 3 Mac.

Equipment Requirement:
。 Two units of Thunderbolt 3 storage
。 A Mac computer with 4 ports Thunderbolt 3

* [Note: 4 ports Thunderbolt 3 ports mean there are two Thunderbolt chips used by a computer; each Thunderbolt 3 chip (two ports) can provide bandwidth up to 2750 MB/s]

Scheme One

two na622tb3 connect to macbook pro
the graphic of two na622tb3 connect to macbook pro

Two NA622TB3 present double performance under iMac Thunderbolt 3 ports

Dual NA622TB3 with iMac 2017 27 and Gloway NVMe ssd

* Testing by: NA622TB3 *2, Gloway 2TB NVMe SSD *8, iMac 27”(Mid-2017) *1

Scheme Two

two na762tb3 connect to imac pro
the graphic of two na762tb3 connect to imac pro

Here is the way to verify which Thunderbolt 3 Mac computer/laptop contains two separate TB3 controllers in support of the above doubled performance.

Four TB3 ports MacBook Pro 2018/2019
Mac mini (Late 2018)
iMac Pro (Late 2017)